Is this a deal? - Posted by damon

Posted by GerryH VA on March 13, 2002 at 22:03:12:

Some folks may disagree with me on this posting site,but my recommendation is that your first Lonnie Deal NOT be a mover. There are allot more hoops to jump through in order to successfully move a home. Some are:

  1. Building Permit (does this require you to upgrade the home to current standards?) watch the electric hook-ups!
  2. Finding a park that accepts a MH this old.
  3. Finding a reasonable mover to move home and set it up.
  4. Buying steps/skirting/block for home.

The reason why I recommend not doing this for the first deal is that there are too many deals out there that do not have to be moved that it would be better to practice on one of those first before moving a home. I dont want to see you get frustrated and quit the business before you start. Once you have a few under your belt, then IF you find a good deal to move, then move it.

Good Luck

GerryH VA

Is this a deal? - Posted by damon

Posted by damon on March 11, 2002 at 14:45:56:

A fishing buddy of dad’s is moving out of his mobile home because he is buying a house. The MH is a 1974 Freedom and is in great condition, is extremely clean, and has new carpet. The catch is that the MH has to be moved. He wants $1000.00 for it. My idea is to run an add in the paper for 500/down, $250.00 for 12 months, buyer is responsible for moving. Ask the seller to carry the $500.00 for 2 mos and give him the first 2 payments. This is my first Lonnie deal, any ideas on how I could do it better or what pitfalls to avoid? Also, how hard is it to get MH’s moved? Thanks for any good advice, see you in Atlanta!