Is this a good foundation? - Posted by Russ

Posted by Russ on January 29, 1999 at 20:37:27:

After many months of reading here, I finally have a question
that I need to ask.
I’m looking at a house to buy right now that needs foundation work. It is pier and post and has bad posts and some bad floor joists. It is a two story house and sits on about a 1200 square feet area (to give you an idea of the house size)

What general price range would I be looking at to redo the
foundation? I have been told by the realtor that he thinks
it would cost around 10K. I know that it is different in
every area, but 10K seems like an awful lot to replace
some wood.

I’m looking at the house for myself. It is on the market for $85,000 and the owner will carry 90% at 8% for 10 years. The inside has been totally remodeled, FMV would be around $110K after getting a good foundation. Anyone have any clue of what this kind of work would really cost?

Thanks in advance! This site is GREAT! I spend too much time here! (as far as my wife is concerned)