Is this for real - Posted by Blake

Posted by Garry McMinds on April 01, 1999 at 22:08:13:

Is this for real - Posted by Blake

Posted by Blake on April 01, 1999 at 16:23:59:

Is this CS program for real. My wife and I are looking to do some type of business together. Frankly, I don’t have the time or patience for some scam artist. Somebody talk to me about this program. Is it for real or not.

Re: Is this for real - Posted by Tami

Posted by Tami on April 05, 1999 at 13:15:28:

Blake, I just bought the course myself. I haven’t bought any property yet, but I have gone through the cousre. I am excited about what could happen. Like some of the other responses, it will take time and hard work. My husband and I are in the middle of purchasing a another home. (Live in one, now up for rent, purchasing a bigger one to live in. All before we purchased the course.) Once we move, at the end of this month, and get settled in, we will be dedicating a lot of time to purchasing property.

Th CS course merely gives strategy and methods. The concept of being an investor is not a CS concept. Real Estate investment is simply a profitable profession. The CS course puts it in perspetive and gives direction.

If you are serious about getting into RE, the course can only help you. I’m excited. We have a 5 year plan to retire into our assets. At the age of under 40.

Re: Is this for real - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on April 04, 1999 at 19:01:35:


CS course works if you do. You won’t be sitting around a pool drinking beer. Real estate investing takes time and hard work. The business is not a get rich quick scheme.

I look back after investing for over twenty years and see that it has been very rewarding. But without my long hours and hard work that I put into it, it never would have happened for me.

Re: Is this for real - Posted by steve

Posted by steve on April 03, 1999 at 13:12:13:

I was wondering if you had any luck with your message? Wondering the same thing.Is this for real. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. This is my thought process!

Re: Is this for real - Posted by pat

Posted by pat on April 01, 1999 at 22:52:27:

1st take a look in yourself , see what you can do{plumbing ,electrical…
what ever} or with a little help from a friend {maybe free} CAN YOU
cleaning and painting are the 2 bigest things-----
look at some houses[at least 10] look for things you can do to fix up
—key words YOU CAN DO------
it was next to 2 other rentals I bought – IT WAS !!!EMPTY!!! look
for don’t wanters… it had been empty for 4 or more years

  1. had a good roof
  2. good siding
  3. floor was ok
  4. needed alot of sheetrock work [ NOTE: last nite my wife and I got $590
    worth for less than $80… savung aprox $551. with tax inc.
  5. needed doors and cubords NOTE [ last month they were rehabing the
    public housing
    authority they GAVE THEM TO ME!!! FREE!!! for hauling them off]
    6.paint!!! aprox 20 gal.[ this is the good one Went to SEARS paint dept
    told them I rehab houses and wanted alot of missmatched paint or out of date
    or cheep paint!!!
    $1.99 a GAL> !!! we got lots aprox 200 gal . int. and
    exteriour CHEEP.
    (If you have 4 gal. that are close in color ,dump them in a 5 gal bucket and
    mix)(when you change rooms add a few gal. more----
  6. carpet and kitchen flooring found a deal ------ (but had to look 1st)
    a place that sells carpet throws out the stuff they pull out from houses I
    can have all I want FREE >> POOP) needs cleaning LOTS . needs paint , carpet and
    alot of poop scooped .
    the house across the street is smaller by 400 sq ft , half the lot size, is
    not as good a house
    is selling for $55,000 how much do you think mine is worth??? $58k
    We can fix up this house for less than $2,000--------
    If you don’t look you won’t find—

Tapes YES , they give you ideas , ideas save you $$$$$ and help you look
I learned about tax prop. on tapes in june I bought aprox $200,000.00 in
prop for $12,000
with a way I am not going to lose a dime if they come back and pay up
(actualy I get 10% on my $ ) . any time I can learn its worth $$$$$.

Blake, go look at the deals that are out there------ Have you ever seen a
car that was for sale that was used but a great buy ---- say a honda crx 86
for $300 would you by it if you knew a person who would buy it for $600 .
the next day .??? if you don’t know any body that would loan you the money
for 1 day then THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX… (if you gave them $100 for
a day )
Tony Robbins talks about the re-ticulating valve our brains have ---- it
kicks in when we begin looking when you look you will find!!! lots