Posted by BILL TYALOR on March 14, 2001 at 12:33:13:

We purchased 3 mobile homes in one park with the intent on re-selling them and carrying back the notes. There is a new park manager in the park with the same idea. We have no problem with them doing that but each time we turn in an applicant they are denied only to have the park manager tell them about the home they have out there to sell. They have also told them if they buy the home they have for sale they will automatically approved for the park. THis seems to be illegal but in the very least unethical. I had a girl call me last night with this exact senario. She was going to buy a mobile off a realtor and was denied only to be approached by the manager about her mobile and being approved if they bought it. This manager works for a firm out of Chicago that owns the park. This would seem to be some kind of discrimanation but not sure what kind. This person was denied based on thier credit because they had a bankruptcy filed in Feb 2001.