It's like a bad wreck - Posted by Jason G TN

Posted by Jason G TN on May 05, 1999 at 16:10:39:

Everybody slows down to rubberneck. I also found myself drug into reading every post in these last few threads even though I knew it was just going to be an extension of the arguement.

I understand the desire to defend yourself and others but if these people are ignored then maybe they will go away. Even if they don’t go away, if nobody responds to them at least we won’t have to sift through numerous threads to get to serious questions.

Solution: email that person privately (i know bogus email, then you know for sure they are a hack)to disagree with him or her if it has no constuctive value on the board
Maybe others will agree with me?

I am an extreme newbie, i.e. only been studying this for about 2-3 weeks and I realize I am not known to most and have not done any deals and have no constructive input on others deals but if I had just started reading this board today i would not have come back. Looking forward to my first deal and continued POSITIVE reinforcement from this board. You have all been so kind in the past please take this post in the spirit it was intended.
My .01 worth
Jason G TN