It's not so easy......... - Posted by Aimee

Posted by denise chappell on February 27, 2002 at 14:28:00:

I’m a new student of carlton. I’ve brougt the course three weeks ago, like so many others, I did not feel like i could work the course on my own. so i invested in carlton coaching program, which will began on the 28 of feb. Has anyone had any success with the coaching program

It’s not so easy… - Posted by Aimee

Posted by Aimee on February 23, 2002 at 08:30:03:

I got the program about 2 years ago and I still have not been able to use it. They made it out to be so easy on the TV but it was not easy enough for me. Then after you buy it they let you know that everyone can’t do it cause they have a program you have to pay for through the phone…haven’t I paid enough I thought. The no money down program…yeah right you have to get a grant or have some kind of money, cds or something to buy the houses with. I just wished I wouldn’t have gotten the program and just went to college for Real Estate, at least it would have been worth my money.

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Posted by Dan-fl on February 24, 2002 at 08:06:28:

Then everyone would be doing it.I started with C.S. and bought my first rental property.I then found this site and bought more books and courses and went to the convention and never looked back.Yes,Its hard work,I busted my butt some days working,but I replaced my job income my first year of investing.I’m now free to do what I want with my time instead of trading my time for money.

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Posted by K MCDONALD on February 23, 2002 at 10:14:45:

have you looked at obtaining real estate thru the tax liens/ded process that would prob be your best best
their are courses on how to do this or perhaps our local libary has books on this

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Posted by Robert on February 23, 2002 at 09:19:29:

Now that sounds like a plan. Go to college and spend thousands and years learning to be a sheep like the millions of others in America. Have you ever wondered why there are so few affluent “rich” people and so many “average” people?
Because of thinking like that. Successful people make things happen. A course is only education. There is no substitute for actually doing something. If I had to guess I would guess that you have not made over 25 offers on properties. “The man on the mountain top didn’t FALL there.” He did what it took and never gave up. NOTHING worthwhile is easy.

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Posted by K MCDONALD on February 23, 2002 at 13:02:57:

here is what i meant to say
have you looked at obtaining real estate thru the tax liens/deed process that would prob be your best bet
their are courses on how to do this or perhaps your local libary has books on this subject one book i have read is called the 16%solution john becks free and clear is a good course IMO only

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Posted by Jeff on February 23, 2002 at 14:04:19:

I too bought Carltons course a couple of years ago and am just (finally) beginning to get started with it. One plus for you is you have found this web site. Although some people can be rather abrupt, I believe they do mean well and everyone is really trying to help each other. One thing I did find out is that if you go to the public library you’ll find quite a few books on the subject. They don’t cost you anything…as opposed to the cost of college books. I found that the more I read up on the subject, the better I understand the terms and the way things work. Remember, knowledge is power. One great book I found is “Buy it, fix it, sell it, Profit” by Kevin C. Meyers. Even if rehabing houses to start out isn’t what you want to do, I think it’s a good read cause he really goes in to detail from seeing a house right up to selling it. He explains things in laymans terms. I found it at the library and found it to have so many things in it I’d like to refer to that I ordered it and bought it from the local book store. By the way, I saw this book title for the first time on this site. If you really feel that you need to go to school though, try the local community college. Good luck!

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Posted by james on February 24, 2002 at 24:28:27:

how many offers have you made since beginning the course. did you create several alternative offers in case the initial one wasn’t accepted? do not give up, but not to sound rude in addition, did you think that you would come here and convince those that are successful that it doesn’t work when we know it does.

what is your credit situation like? your credit score will be only one of many things a lender looks for.

let me tell you what i would do, if i was starting over again. i would look for a seller who has a ad in the paper that sounds like it is creative by the wording. you will not get a creative finance deal out of an ad that says something like 3 bdr, 1 bth sf home, good neighborhood, recently updated or renovated. recently appraised for 79,000.00. this is a retail only ad. this means that they want a downpayment and you to get a mortgage. you need to look for ads that say fixer upper, buy like rent, low down, possible owner finance, etc. call the seller up, and do the property analysis form and get all the questions answered. then ask the seller the following.
if i can show you a way to sell your property creatively where we all win would you be open to some offers that do not fit into a standard purchase category. you will get his/her attention fast, and then it is your job at this point to sell the deal.
if you give up, you will never build wealth in this business. oh yea and not to sound rude again. if you got to college and get that expensive piece of paper, you’ll probably end up working for investors like me, anyway. lol.