J.P. , Joe and Jim - Posted by Chuck Montag

Posted by Chuck Montag on May 18, 1999 at 02:34:35:

As I read the postings from Sean and the follow-ups, I realized one thing, my time was well spent.

If it takes an overinflated ego backed by just enough knowledge to make someone dangerous, in order to hear from the true experts on any given matter, then my time was well spent.

I spend many hours reading these posts and seldon feel my two cents are at all valuable. There are probably many others who are operating at the intermediate level (not newbies, but not experts, yet) who read all the info posted here, yet are never heard from.

I will continue to read as much info as anyone will post here, BUT I scan the postings for any authored by Jackie, Joe Kaiser, J.P., Karp and Jim Piper, I will always read these first, and attempt to figure out what they are talking about later.

J.P. et al, you done good!