J.P. & Terry.. Have you considered different software for this board?? - Posted by Marshall

Posted by Marshall on April 17, 2000 at 18:32:43:

J.P. and Terry:

Have you considered different software for this board??

I would like one that keeps my email private like Joe Kaiser’s board. Here’s why?

Every time I post on Creonline it NEVER fails that every and I mean every time under a new or different email address I get the following email from solution62@aol.com

They are very good at farming this site for address. The only time I get the link is when I use a different or new address. So they must be farming the Creonline message board for “first time posters.”

I have posted a request on their board to stop. Even though I don’t expect it to last there. So I’m making a public request here to stop spamming us every time we post on Creonline.



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