Jackie (Dallas) Assighnment Contract - Posted by Terry (Dallas)

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on January 06, 1999 at 11:14:20:

A corporation is not necessary for flips. It will be to your advantage to incorporate, mainly for taxes (see Bronchick’s articles).

My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the typical seller would rather deal with an individual than a corporation. I intentionally tone-down my answering machine message to make it seem that I’m not a savvy investor ready to take advantage of the seller.


Jackie (Dallas) Assighnment Contract - Posted by Terry (Dallas)

Posted by Terry (Dallas) on January 06, 1999 at 09:15:09:

Hello Jackie,
I just got back to learning. I have been away for awhile (way too many excuses) and am going to make this work. I read your article and am wondering if it is possible to get a copy of your contract. I have your 10 steps posted and I want to put it into action prior to the convention. I plan on doing three flips prior to going to the convention.
I also wanted to say thanks for the straight forwardness of your posts.

Re: Jackie (Dallas) Assighnment Contract - Posted by Stacy

Posted by Stacy on January 07, 1999 at 16:03:23:

Please send me one too. And, by the way…LOVE to read your info, Jackie. You’re certainly one of the best on the site.

Re: Me too please - Assighnment Contract - Posted by Jim Simons

Posted by Jim Simons on January 07, 1999 at 11:30:18:

Would you also email me a copy of your assignment contract - Thanks and God Bless - jsimons@gvtc.com

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Posted by MilNC on January 06, 1999 at 10:42:52:

I think the steps in both the 10 steps and the
article are fairly clear, bu I still have a question.
If one is contemplating getting started by doing flips
and/or assignment, is any form of corporation necessary
in either case? I am not intending to debate the various forms, but just from the standpoint of risk,
not taxes or anything, isn’t this fairly minimal?
However, esp. with out of town owners, I would suppose some business name would be of help, and also for cards.