JHyre????? - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Ben (NJ) on February 05, 2001 at 22:22:24:

try taxsales.com. Roy, the owner sells manuals on the PA system and laws.

JHyre??? - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on February 05, 2001 at 21:13:47:

Hey there…I was wondering if you knew about delinquent tax procedures and buying tax deeds in PA.?

I know you’re in Ohio, but I thought you may know.



In PA Call your local sheriff… - Posted by SueC

Posted by SueC on February 06, 2001 at 14:00:44:

Carey, in PA you want to call your county sheriff’s office, ask for the deputyin charge of the real estate tax sales, and they will probablybe able to get you all the info you want. Most of the county law journals publish the notices, they have to be published at least three times before the sale. You can subscribe to the law weeklies for something like $50 a year depending on what county you’re in, the county bar association can help you on that one.

If you email me privately with the county you’re located in, I have the contact numbers, and can forward you more detail.

For some inexpensive materials, go to www.pbi.org, look for the materials on the Fundamentals of Mortgage Foreclosure class. BTW, this site has other good legal materials and classes on Penna. RE stuff (and corporate too) - and I don’t think you have to be a lawyer to take the classes, you obviously just wouldn’t get or need the credits.

Got me… - Posted by JHyre in Ohio

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on February 06, 2001 at 07:09:52:

I’ve done a fair amount of property tax planning and appeals work, but none of it in PA…sorry!

John Hyre