John Behle...How to find Pre pre foreclosures????? - Posted by Rick Grimsley

Posted by John Behle on April 19, 1999 at 18:05:39:

Each month I hit it a little differently. A different angle, a different ad, a different look.

I usually hit it from a broad perspective. I love paper and focus most on that, but my background and interests are much more broad. I posted an extensive example of how I work with pre-foreclosures on the other newsgroup. I’ll look for the reference.

In essence, we will make them a loan, buy the property, refinance them, clear up their credit, exchange their property, buy the loan from the lender, gurantee the lender’s loan with an amortized partial, trade performing paper to the lender for their non-performing (default) paper, etc.

I believe totally in the counseling approach to real estate. I find out people’s needs and desires and look in my well filled toolbox for a tool or technique to make a transaction happen. I don’t care how I make a safe, legal, win/win profit or which tool I use.

People that are limited in their tools are very limited in their capabilities. As the saying goes, “he who is good with a hammer - thinks everything needs a nail.”

John Behle…How to find Pre pre foreclosures??? - Posted by Rick Grimsley

Posted by Rick Grimsley on April 18, 1999 at 09:24:25:

Hello John,

In a post below you said pre pre foreclosures were
a great way to create notes. What is the best way
for one to find them???
Thank you so much for GIVING away your knowledge!

Re: John Behle…How to find Pre pre foreclosures??? - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on April 19, 1999 at 12:39:34:

Foreclosure attornies, Foreclosure notices in the paper, legal notices in legal papers, Real Estate agents, MLS searches (see the article “A Million a Month” on finding properties and other referals.

I have a fax I broadcast monthly to all real estate brokerages, receive referals from existing contacts with agents, receive referals from title companies and mortgage companies and receive leads from the “continuing education” course I teach for real estate agents.

It was a pain to become licensed as a continuing education instructor for the state, but worth it. I plan to expand that with more courses and alliances with other real estate schools and “CE” providers. Especially now that they have a new “kinder, gentler” coordinator with the state. The previous one was part gestapo, part “school marm”. She once freaked because I duplicated a form. I didn’t have a typewriter handy, so I just reproduced the form. Darn, it didn’t look exactly the same! It looked newer and the lines were better.

We’ve had more and more success with working with conventional mortgage brokers and receive referals from them. Three of them actually specialize in helping out in the pre-foreclosure niche market and are glad to have my resources. The populated part of Utah has three counties and we have mortgage companies in each that we work with.

Re: John Behle…How to find Pre pre foreclosures??? - Posted by Lynn (AL)

Posted by Lynn (AL) on April 19, 1999 at 15:54:18:


What do you Fax to Realtors, a letter, a flyer, etc? Could you give us a sample of what you send?

Lynn (AL)