JPiper or MarkR.. - Posted by Dave B

Posted by Mark R in KCMO on June 24, 1999 at 10:57:50:

Hey dave,

Actually I never saw this post, a chat buddy asked what was going on and I said HUH What Post… LOL

As far as I know there are NO private money brokers located in KCMO (yes which side of the line they are on makes a difference for exceptions and SEC involvement.)

My money source is a person that I used to work with when I had a JOB.

I have been told that I am wrong and there is a hard money lender in KCMO, but when I asked who, the answer was, umm, I forget the name… LOL

If you have already been involved with a few completed jobs, approach your small town banker, keep it in the same state.

My 2nd hand info is that the bank of Oddessa, will do these deals if you have your own money in there with thiers. I don’t know numbers, nor have a called to verify that they are still doing this.

During this busy season, I don’t check here daily.

Hope that helps,

Mark R in KCMO

JPiper or MarkR… - Posted by Dave B

Posted by Dave B on June 19, 1999 at 16:19:13:

Hey fellas… If you see this… Need to know if you would share hard money sources in or around KC… or someone who works with KC investors. I think I’ve talked to you both briefly. I have been buying, rehabbing and selling for a couple years… after becoming a tired landlord. I recently lost my money partner ( I taught him too much. he quit his job to do his own rehabs. (btw, he was a vending route driver before… no experience… I wished him luck.Dont expect any comp from h im… I just lost my money source) My credit isnt the best… Looking for a equity based lender to fund some deals. Have a couple on my pad that are 70% LTV after repairs… which I can do myself.
Looking for a partner or hard lender. 4-6 points, 12%… stuff like that. Partner splits of course vary by participation. Thanks for any and all help gentlemen.

Dave B in KC

OH, anyone else, KC or not, who might be able to share the info I’m lookin for. please feel free to respond…

Thanks everyone.

Re: JPiper or MarkR… - Posted by Dave B

Posted by Dave B on June 21, 1999 at 09:07:34:

Thanks for jumpin all over this one guys. Not sure if REAL help is what you’re ready to give… easier to hand out theory.
A simple “Find your own, you’re in our market” would have sufficed. LOL

Dave B

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Posted by JPiper on June 21, 1999 at 11:12:44:

Hey Dave:

Nothing like signing on this Monday morning to find a one-man thread with my name all over it, complete with question and answer.

Just to state the obvious, I’m not here to help you, theoretically or otherwise. Posting here is not an obligation or a job?.it’s something I do for enjoyment. Your second post created the wrong tone with me?.call me sensitive.

Maybe Riddle will see it differently?.if he sees your post.


Re: Nothin. - Posted by Dave B

Posted by Dave B on June 21, 1999 at 21:27:50:

Ok … You’re sensitive. :slight_smile: Lighten up.
oh, I removed your name.