Just getting started - Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette

Posted by richard on February 11, 2002 at 12:58:59:


Go to the ARCHIVES section here and type in “Getting Started”. You will find a goldmine of info beginning with the very 1st post!!!

Best Wishes

Just getting started - Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette

Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette on February 09, 2002 at 19:27:48:

I have terrible credit. I’ve bought the Carlton Sheets have not really read it as I should. Was looking at the different creative financing techniques but did not really understand what I was reading. I was wondering if anyone could give me a simple way to close my first deal step by step. I think if I can every get one deal under my belt I’ll have the confidence to move on. Thanks in advance for your prompt responses.

Can’t BEAT Creonline - Posted by investorrob

Posted by investorrob on February 10, 2002 at 24:09:56:


Lets start with what you don’t know and want to learn.

You came here I belive to learn more. So go back and read the C S course again — write down the words or the concept you don’t understand and post that back here on the news group. Somehow the post you put here maybe did not quit convey what you wanted.

We all were in the newbie stage at one time.

You stated you would like a step by step way to close your first deal. And to be as up front with you and (kind) we would have to know a great deal more about you.

Like what do you want or like doing investing wise. I think I can rule out rehabbing for you. Because you sound like a person that more than likly has little background on house repair----however any of these skills can be learned. How much money do you have for putting into a deal??? Flipping would require little money. Same for Lease/options. Both of these are somewhat easy to learn. But lease options I think might be the best for you. A lot has been posted here about both of them, we have a feature on creonline now that will let you search for several years back on one subject. Why not do some of this back searching for some of the stuff you didn’t understand from your course.

Lets take Lease options the first step would be to let the seller know you are out there and can take care of the sellers needs. Look for sellers first, never for houses. You want a seller that NEEDS to get out of his house this week. LOL or very soon.
Find these sellers by bandet signs and other ways that has been given here on the news group many many times. At the same time run and add for buyers — you need a list before the seller calls.

From that point you will need the proper forms for your protection, as well as the sellers and buyers on this. I hope I have sparked some interest in this for you–so you will do more research on this. You will see my step by step is glossed over. Several courses you can buy here cover all of this with forms. But before you buy any course find out what aarea of investing you think you will enjoy the most. For your first deal you need to zero in on just one way and do a couple getting it down.

Please look at some of the other areas here on creonline. Like the Sucess storys. You will find a new one posted by Jacque WA., she knew very little about investing about a year ago, and with what she learned from this site by reading the post everyday, she has put several new investing approches in her investors tool box.
So let the ruff talk given to you roll off your back, and tell yourself I can do this to, with the help of creonline.

Keep studying here and in know time you will learn the concepts that now seem unknown to you now,-- but will shortly be revealed to you.

The very best of investing to you

investorrob WA

Re: Just getting started - Posted by Brent_IL

Posted by Brent_IL on February 09, 2002 at 20:48:57:

The probability of a first time investor with no experience, terrible credit, no money, and no knowledge getting even one good deal is zip. You can overcome no experience and terrible credit with cash to put into the deal. You can overcome terrible credit with vicarious experience (CREonline.com), some money, and fair knowledge. You can even overcome no money with lots of experience or advice, a working knowledge of CRE, and the will to act with courage. But you can’t overcome all of them, all at once.

The points raised by Elbert were valid, and need to be addressed for you to succeed.

Should we brush your teeth for you too? - Posted by Elbert

Posted by Elbert on February 09, 2002 at 19:57:42:

Come on Marsha. If you are too lazy to even read the Carleton Sheets course, which is very basic and step by step, what makes you think someone is going to hold your hand through your first deal. In your post you have demonstrated you don’t have the personal fortitude to follow through. Do yourself a favor, read everything you can about real estate on this site and go out and do your deals, if you educate yourself you won’t need a ‘mommy’.

Re: Just getting started - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Anthony on February 09, 2002 at 19:50:27:

Marsha -

There’s no easy way to do this - Go and read the information so many times you understad it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by empowering yourself. Then go and get more information on foreclosures, flipping, etc…or just read everything on this site…Educate yourself

Get motivated and persistant in your efforts…before you know it you’ll have your first “Deal”

Remember, if it was eay - everyone would be doing it…

Good luck and happy studying

Re: Can’t BEAT Creonline - Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette

Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette on February 10, 2002 at 15:22:18:

Thank you so much for your response. I will do exactly what you told me. I’ve gotten some excellent feedback from several people. Everyone seems to think at this point lease option whould be the best deal for me. I will do some more reading and studying and again thanks for the rapid response.

Re: Just getting started - Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette

Posted by Marsha Clarke-Everette on February 10, 2002 at 15:27:52:

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I don’t know if you read the response from Elbert but it was ignorant if you ask me. I am not going to entertain folk that are smart asses. I simply said that I had not read the Carlton Sheets as throughly as I should. I am also working on an MBA so I have a few things going all at once. I have gotten some very good and positive feedback from most people. I will take all of the good advice into consideration better yet I will follow all of the good advice. I am going to dedicate at least two hours per day to the Carlton Sheets. Again thanks for the encouragement.