just getting started - Posted by Sharonda

Posted by JoeB(Atlanta) on December 13, 1999 at 22:15:43:

Sharonda, I would suggest you join a local Real Estate investors group in your area (click on REI Clubs at top left heading of this page, and then click on New York). I’m sure there are lots of folks in your local group that would probably be interested in buying any flippers you find and/or partnering on rehabs.

Good Luck,
Joe Brillante

just getting started - Posted by Sharonda

Posted by Sharonda on December 13, 1999 at 18:33:49:

Hopefully some the successful people out there can help me out. I am looking to do a few things. Fisrt I would like to buy a couple of “rehabs” but am having trouble finding the rehab people. Secondly I would like to purchase a home that is in foreclosure and re-sell it. But I don’t quite understand the concept of buying a house from a person before the foreclosure sale begins. The other option is of course is to buy a property and hold a private mortgage and then sell that note to an investment company. I am currently a mortgage consultant so that part of it I am not worried about. I have also heard of the buying properties with outside funding and then splitting the proceeds upon resale. Once again though I have not been able to find these sources. If anyone could possibly give me any suggestions or hints your help would be much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
Anxious in New York!!!