Just like fishing! - Posted by Debo

Posted by Cindy-OR on June 29, 2007 at 24:02:16:

Congratulations, you are on your way! I’ve been surprised at how much Lonnie Deals have reminded me of fishing. I really enjoy the ones that fight, but nothing compares to seeing them in the net.

Just like fishing! - Posted by Debo

Posted by Debo on June 28, 2007 at 21:17:13:

Thanks to Lonnie’s books and this website, I have secured my first deal!! Got a great deal from Vanderbilt so I am off and running. I have had several fishing lines in the water and today i finally got a bite, what an exciting feeling it is, to get a deal and even more exciting to know that i have finally started.
Here is a breakdown of what happend. I had placed 3 bids on vanderbilt homes and waited several weeks, 4 actually to get someone to take some action. I was really looking at another bid that i had placed and was the reason that i called to inquire on status. The home i was calling on is really beaten up, but i placed a very low offer to cover off on the repairs. After being told that they want a min of $1,500 i passed. Just as i was getting of the phone the rep said we let me check on the other bid you have…I had forgotten that i had placed this bid a month ago as it was my first bid, and i really just placed a low ball bid to see what would happen. Well, she checked on it and said that they would settle for the $700 i offered.
14*70 1995 oakwood good overal cond, just needs new flooring. Back tax and lot rent, $950.
So, thank you for providing me the confidence to make this happen.

congrats - Posted by CR Smith

Posted by CR Smith on July 02, 2007 at 14:14:21:

Congrats Debo. I am relatively new at this (the being active part of it), and haven’t tried the Vanderbilt route yet, but am on my area rep’s bid list. Your post gives me confidence to lob out a few lowballs to see what happens. All they can do is say no.
$700 for a 95 anything is a darn good deal, bad flooring or not. What state are you in?