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Posted by Dirk Roach on January 28, 1999 at 19:48:27:

Hi Reif,
No your right for me 2 to 3 k is the magic number. I just happened to got three cherries on the one in my above post.
I only mentioned it because I was trying to illustrate how warped the blue book is.
Also I would never have found that if I were not a physical presence in the Park.
True story, I was driving through a park with Jeanne like a week ago, and we came across this Mobile home with a really big
yard and nice big Orange tree in it.
There was a man sitting in a chair underneath it.
I pointed to the tree and home and commented to Jeanne that it was a nice set up and well taken care of.
Anyhow the next day I hear from Rose (the PM of that Park). She informs me that she just got a call from Mr. Markely (the man in the yard), and he’s worried that I’m going to buy up his mobile home and he has no place to move to. Rose reminded him that his home was not even for sale, to which he told her, yes but I’ve heard about him and if the price is right, who knows.
I had to laugh and admit to Rose what Happened, but I agree if the price was right, yes sure I’d be interested. In fact, I told her I can help the guy out , I’ll put him into a bigger, newer, nicer home, on payments which he can afford.
The long and the short of it I have a meeting Sunday with him.
Oh also on this deal, his home blue books at $2350.00. I’m sure that I can sell it for 8.5k. Again Blue books are dangerous,
and a waste of time.

Just “LUCKY” - Posted by Marlene

Posted by Marlene on January 27, 1999 at 23:07:19:

My partner and I are currently reading Lonnie’s books and are beginning with MHs and notes. We are meeting on Friday night for our normal meeting to discuss Lonnie’s first book and create our goals and week’s “to do” list.

My partner checked into what kinds of licenses, etc. we would need in Illinois to buy, sell, and finance mobile homes. My partner was told by the State of Illinois, that it is ILLEGAL to buy a mobile home and then sell it for a profit. I told my partner the person they talked to was a narrow-minded fool … The State of Illinois told my partner that we can’t buy and sell MHs for a profit without having a permanent office set up on a MH lot … My partner and I both agree that since MHs are personal property anyone can sell MHs to any willing purchaser for any mutually agreed upon amount. The agent at the State of Illinois, we believe, must be misguided.

So, who’s doing deals in Missouri and/or Illinois that can shed a little light on what resources we should check into regarding MH deals (i.e. obtaining necessary licenses and/or permits, departments to get info from, etc.) … I’m on Chapter 5 of Lonnie’s books, but am anxious to get the ball rolling as I’m reading and discovering the various things that need to be done.

Another question is, in Missouri/Illinois, does anyone know how many deals we can do in a year without being considered a dealer?

Our goal is $10K+ income per month for each of us within a year. The sky’s the limit!

Also, we want a copy of the MH blue book … is there an official name for it? Where do I get it?

Planning to see you all in Dallas!!!

As a side note, anyone who is tired of hearing from friends, relatives, and strangers about how “LUCKY” they are to have the things in their life they’ve worked diligently to achieve with goals and focus and live the lifestyle they are living, should look into a tape series by Brian Tracy entitled, “The Luck Factor.” Talk about motivating and enlightening … It can be obtained for about $50 from Nightingale-Conant at 800-323-5552. This tape series (about 6 hours of audio tapes) has inspired me beyond measure to accomplish my goals.

Will audio recorders be allowed in Dallas, or will seminars be offered on tape after the seminar to participants?

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Posted by Jeanne on January 28, 1999 at 17:26:40:

Just wanted to say, “Hi.” Glad to see you on the Newsgroup. Keep us posted on how you progress.

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Posted by Dirk Roach on January 28, 1999 at 04:38:30:

Hi Marlean,
First let me say that I’m in CA and my state regs differ here than in IL where you are at. As Randy gave you some great advice I won’t get into dealer requirements etc.
I am glad to read that you are reading Lonnie’s Martial. Vital stuff if one is serious about doing this business.
Also I agree that planning strategy is important. However be prepared to fly off the cuff if need be. Opportunities will come up, when you least expect it, (at least I have found they do).
I would advise AGAINST the blue book (NADA). It skews your perception of value and salability. You will only learn what to pay for a used mobile and what you can sell one for by learning your market. Research is the key. I have a couple of mobiles right now which are 1967’s. By looking at them I would be hard pressed to find someone who would guess that age, in fact I myself when inspecting them, thought they were in the mid 80’s. Anyhow blue book is 1.5k. I close on one Sat. for 10k. Says a lot about the blue book.
After you learn the info in the books (Lonnie’s), talk to him if possible (the convention is a great opportunity, or give him a call); Learn and know your market, and be prepared to to do a little work (no I’m not talking about rehabbing), you can then turn a little money into a lot of money. Like Lonnie says “You obligate someone to pay you for X amount of years”.
I find that if you work with people, and solve their problems things come together.
Anyhow good luck, hope to read your success posts in the future and meet you at the convention,

MH in IL - Posted by Randy -IL-

Posted by Randy -IL- on January 28, 1999 at 24:37:08:

You don’t need a license to sell a MH in IL. At least for your first 4 or 5 according to the Secretary of State’s Office in Springfield. They even suggested that I give selling 4-5 of them a try BEFORE I get a license. They have a packet of info about the licence ready to send out. Just give them a call.

I don’t believe the licensing law in IL (or anywhere for that matter) is written with the Lonnie Deal in mind. The Sec. of State office told me that their primary interest is controlling who is towing houses on IL highways! (Well, they also keep the records of titles) As you know by now, Lonnie Deals rarely involve moving a MH. Even if a Lonnie Deal would involve moving a MH, a trucking contractor would be hired to do the moving. There is much lobbying to do in Springfield involving Lonnie type deals.

Hope this helps,

$10K!? - Posted by Reif

Posted by Reif on January 28, 1999 at 11:11:47:


I’ve seen before where you say you normally pay 2-3K for a mobile.

Is the case here that this one is so nice that you can flip it real easily? Or is the market in SoCal getting hotter?