Just starting in MH's in WA - Posted by JoeWA

Posted by Steve-WA on October 08, 2003 at 19:52:51:

Where are you Joe?

You do not need a license to do one deal. Or two. Up to four.

Kudos to you for researching the local area on your own!

Just starting in MH’s in WA - Posted by JoeWA

Posted by JoeWA on October 08, 2003 at 18:35:32:

I want to do one MH deal to get my feet wet and see if this is something I want to do longer term.

Do I need a Washington state MH dealer license to do this first deal?

I have heard varying opinions. The WA licensing website states that the following activities require a dealer license:

  1. Engaging in the business of buying, selling, listing, exchanging, offering, brokering, leading with option to purchase, auctioning, soliciting, or advertising the sale of new or used vehicles, or arranging or offering or attempting to solicit or negotiate on behalf of others, a sale, purchase, or exchange of interest in new or used motor vehicles.

  2. A dealer license is required for a person (or company) to sell any vehicle for which they are not named on the title.

  3. In one twelve month period, you can sell four (4) cars that are registered to you. The 5th sale (or selling any vehicle not owned, registered, or titled to you) is considered dealer activity.

Longer term, I know a need a license but I want to try a deal first to see if I even like it. $750 is a lot of cash to drop on the dealer license.

Any insights are appreciated…