ken pruess - Posted by cjmcdo

Posted by Ronald * Starr on September 04, 2003 at 22:41:02:


Apparently not. I did a search on the archive searches function here on this main board and on the “Carleton Sheets” board2 which is about educators of real estate investing.

Have you tried a google search on the whole internet yet?

Good Investing*Ron Starr

ken pruess - Posted by cjmcdo

Posted by cjmcdo on September 04, 2003 at 19:35:34:

anyone have any feedback on ken pruess im considering taking one of his classes thanks

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Posted by Kevin IL on September 06, 2003 at 09:50:51:


I have met Ken through an investor’s group in the Chicago area (before he was selling anything). During the past year I have had approximately 3 phone conversations with him regarding my investing. He has always been very helpful and answered my questions. I should add, he did this without charge or expectation of personal gain…in short, he did it completely in the spirit of helping.

I have considered taking his course but due to my schedule conflicts I haven’t participated yet. I feel the cost of his program is reasonable and he offers a satisfaction guarantee.

You may find more info about Ken on the Richdad forum. He is a regular contributor under the name REIMentor.

Although my experience with Ken has been limited, I believe him to be exactly as he presents himself. I consider myself a skeptic when it comes to “rei pitches”, but I’d be willing to invest my money in Ken’s program.

Hope that helps,

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Posted by Skinner on September 05, 2003 at 11:13:39:

The Ken Pruess I know is an entomologist. Are you taking a bee keeping class?