Knowing When to GIVE UP??? - Posted by Ryan

Posted by Matt_MPD on March 03, 2002 at 15:58:15:

Ask yourself when it’s time to give up. Only you know when you’ve had enough dead ends and wrong turns. You have NOT failed in getting rich, you have gained tremendous knowledge in numerous ways on how NOT to gain wealth however. You have found that many paths were not the right ones for you. Life teaches us that there are many, many ways to NOT accomplish something but relatively few ways to achieve our goals. You have taken paths that were undoubtedly less traveled with your history in MLM, now imagine if you could put to use your drive and desire and determination and learn as much about real estate as you already know about MLM’ing and wow… the thought is staggering! I know how far I’ve come in just a few years in real estate investing and I can’t even imagine what I’ll have done by the time I’ve been doing this for a decade!

By the way… you didn’t spend 10 years of your life going nowhere… you’ve gotten here haven’t you? You’re none the worse for the wear if you have the means to learn from this and the vast other sources of real estate info.

Chin up! You have NOT given up, you have simply taken another turn on what will prove to be an endless road of obstacles to overcome, challenges to face and successes to savor!

Good luck!

Knowing When to GIVE UP??? - Posted by Ryan

Posted by Ryan on March 03, 2002 at 14:53:39:

Hi there folks:

Well here is my story guys. Today, I am 31 years old, and every since I was a kid, I wanted to be rich. It was an intense burning desire that I had (yes, I not only read the works of Napoleon Hill, but am a practioner of his philosophy!). When I was 18 I started a business at 21, I had to declare bankruptcy. At 21, I got involved in Multi Level Marketing with a company that probably everyone knows. I stuck with the plan of becoming rich by doing everything my upline leaders told me and I followed the companys steps to the letter. I worked like a dog and yet I didn’t achieve financial success. Yet after ten years I have not achieved substantial financial gains.

Today, as I turn 31, I am thinking about GIVING UP this plan to become rich and to start another plan on becoming rich. To be honest with you, I have tried, and tried, and tried, and am just spinning my wheels.

My question for the people who are successful is 1. HOW does one know when it is time to give up on a plan? 2. My next plan is to become rich via real estate, and HOW will one know when it is time to give up if the plan doesn’t work? (I don’t want to spend another ten years of my life not going anywhere). Thanks a million for your help.

Re: Knowing When to GIVE UP??? - Posted by Colleen-WA

Posted by Colleen-WA on March 03, 2002 at 22:50:06:

Re: Napoleon Hill; There is a subtle difference between wanting something really really bad and feeling the appreciation of having something that hasn’t materialized yet. What I am saying is that maybe you are perpetuating wanting it rather than having it. You can acheive whatever you want in any way that comes along - realestate or MLM or whatever. When you hit a roadblock to acheiving a goal there is always a shift in “feeling” or beleiving that can occur underneath that can be the key. This roadblock actually is a good thing as it is a reflection to you of being face to face with a limiting attitude that you haven’t recognized yet.
Giving up may be the key as you will not longer be resisting. I don’t mean that you give up your desire. But to give up the push.
Well, so much for metaphysics - please take this from an intent to uplift - not to criticize.
Yours in investing, Colleen.

Re: Knowing When to GIVE UP??? - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on March 03, 2002 at 22:03:32:


Coming from a person that has done the same things you have, DON’T GIVE UP!!! MLM is for the 5% of great sales people out there(my opinion),and I don’t agree with the way they lure people!! Real estate anyone can do, trust me, I help teach people getting into it all over the country, and believe me, anyone can make money in it. As long as you learn something from your failures, you are a better person!! If you haven’t read them yet as J. Clifton talks about, read Rich Dad,Poor Dad(, he brags about failure, and what it did for him, made him the rich man he is today. Anytime I get knocked down, I pick up one of his books(just got done reading "retire young, retire rich, awesome book). Good luck to you, and don’t ever give up, thats the easy way out!

Re: Knowing When to GIVE UP??? - Posted by J. Clifton

Posted by J. Clifton on March 03, 2002 at 17:27:41:

Poor Dad: I can’t afford it. I failed. Rich Dad: HOW can I afford it? How could I NOT have failed?

Answers to both 1 and 2 is the same: 3-5 years, ASSUMING you start/started with a game plan beyond just “following everything the guru told me,” and assuming you made appropriate adjustments along the way to make your business profitable and conform to the multi-year plan. One thing is certain, a loser mindset consisting of whining about problems and broken promises of others, instead of becoming your own leader and solving your business problems, will get you to the same dead end in RE as with any other venture.

As a double-dipper in MLM and CRE, I have found value in both areas (at their best), in the cross-re-inforcing business-building skills they instill in those who seriously persue it. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki’s recent short book, The Business School, covers eight diferent values, besides the get-rich goal, by which one should judge one’s experience with network marketing. You should ask yourself if you have assessed all those benefits first, before generalizing that your experience was “negative.” Kiyosaki himself went bankrupt from an earlier business flop, but instead of whining about a lack of success, he used his history as a learning tool toward building his next business system.

Were you a blessing to others, and helped others in your organization make money? If yes, this was a POSITIVE experience. Did you learn financial literacy, networking and business-building skills you could apply to your next project? If yes, this was a POSITIVE experience. Did you gain like-minded, lifelong friends from building your organization? If yes, this was a POSITIVE experience. Etc., etc. If you follow this evaluation approach, you will improve your chances of success, by recognizing ALL the ways one becomes wealthy.