Knowledge is NOT power! - Posted by Michael Murray, Colo.

Posted by Bob-Tx on March 08, 1999 at 22:02:50:

Right you are brother.

Knowledge is NOT power! - Posted by Michael Murray, Colo.

Posted by Michael Murray, Colo. on March 08, 1999 at 20:15:47:

Among all of the great things I learned at the conference in Dallas (Arlington actually), one thing began to stand out in my mind as being the key point every speaker was making. I kept hearing over and over again, a saying which I have heard all of my life and most of you have too. I had always believed the saying was an absolute law of the universe. A truism so seemingly obvious that it should not even need to be said. That saying is “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. Even though many of the conference speakers used that saying, what they were in fact implying in their talks was exactly the opposite, KNOWLEDGE IS NOT POWER. What I was hearing between the lines was something even more obvious and infinitely more productive than the power of knowledge. What they were really saying is “THE USE OF KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” Nearly all of them encouraged us to get out there and make things happen by putting our new knowledge to work. They, in essence, said that we could sit at the feet of the masters gathering knowledge for the rest of our days, but if we were never to get up and take action on that knowledge, we might as well be sitting at the feet of a sugar beet. Do any of you agree that if you never use your knowledge, no matter how vast, that it is absolutely useless? Knowing is not the thing that has the power to make you rich, USING what you know will! That is the most life changing thing I learned at the conference. What about you?

Michael Murray, Colorado

Re: Knowledge is NOT power! - Posted by Al Miller

Posted by Al Miller on March 09, 1999 at 10:44:29:

You hit on the biggest hindrance to getting rich for
most people. Ive known folks to spend $5,000 on a course and never take the action necessary to make a lot of money. I once told a tennant of mine that saw what I did and spent this kind of money for a course not to forget that its all about only one thing. Buy low and sell
high. And that takes ACTION!!
There are so many investors “doing it” that are not all
that knowledgeable but just out there “looking” and
coming across great deals.
I think we should say “ACTION IS POWER” and get a little knowledge as you go along.

Re: Knowledge is NOT power! - Posted by Jerry Greer

Posted by Jerry Greer on March 09, 1999 at 06:58:35:

Well said my friend.