Knowledge is Power and the Money is there... - Posted by Rob

Posted by RobH on February 26, 2001 at 19:33:43:


I am not the same Rob that posted the earlier message.
From here on I will identify my self as RobH.

Again greetings and thank you.

(The Greater Lansing Michigan area)

Knowledge is Power and the Money is there… - Posted by Rob

Posted by Rob on February 26, 2001 at 19:27:20:

Greetings to all;

Hello, my name is Rob and I am a 20 year veteran in
computers. I have spent the last two months studying the
Carleton Sheets program (more than once), and I have spent
some time reviewing this site and this message board, to my
delight. A wealth of source material that I will gladly
partake from lies before me here.

I have yet to purchase my first property, but I am very
close. I am making the calls and talking to sellers and
potential partners (if I need them).

I have come here because I want to get into the trenches and
dig out the very best this opportunity has to offer, and
there seem to be some of you who are already there.

I would very much enjoy and appreciate communicating with
those of you who have gained experience and profit from your

Please allow me to interact, learn and contribute as I may.

Again greetings and thank you.

(The Greater Lansing Michigan area)

Re: Knowledge is Power and the Money is there… - Posted by Daveman

Posted by Daveman on February 27, 2001 at 21:47:11:


Keep us all posted on your deals. Carlton Sheets course was a present 12 years ago for me. I have used it to purchase 2 homes for myself. My first deal was a rehab. I paid $8,888.88 for it. Very little down $100 - $200. Fixed it up with credit cards. I refinaced a year later with private money and pulled $25,000.00 out. I had been paying the bills on the credit cards down so I still walked away with about $10,000.

I then traded the house for a two-family with a cash flow. It was a motivated landlord, and even gained another $10,000 in equity.

I then sold that house (in upstate NY) and moved to FL. With $20,000.00. Worked for a year and a half in industrial construction. Got laid off and now picking up Carlton Sheets again.

This time it is to get DOWN AND DIRTY!!!

It works, I’v done it. I was mising the support group like this one last time around.

Also, my parents who have been married 32 yrs, have averaged buying and selling a piece of real estate for every year they have been married. And currently have 4 properties in upstate NY and one in FL. All positive cash flow. And it is not thier full time job.

This is a fantastic forum. I’ll be back every night.

Till then.

The Daveman

Re: Knowledge is Power and the Money is there… - Posted by SC

Posted by SC on February 27, 2001 at 24:01:03:

Hey there Rob
I to am a Carlton Sheets student. I havent yet purchased my first property but I am doing research on a 6 unit conplex. I’m not sure if it is a good buy yet. Hey keep me posted on your endevors. Encouragement is very neccesary when your a beginner player like you and I.