Knowledgeable RE Guru's: Please advise quickly! - Posted by 'BJ' AL

Posted by SCook85 on February 07, 2002 at 19:27:26:


It is needless for me to say what you should be pursuing. I think you alredy know what I recommend since you have my course.

As far as the courage to do the deals, if you love real estate investing as much as you say you do, then that should be all you need. Compare it to a loved one. Would you let your fear of talking to people get in the way of that? Look at it the same way. Don’t get in your own way. You know what needs to be done. You just need to do it, fear is only an excuse.

Happy Investing,


Knowledgeable RE Guru’s: Please advise quickly! - Posted by ‘BJ’ AL

Posted by ‘BJ’ AL on February 07, 2002 at 14:36:45:

Hi Gang, Could some of you be kind enough to advise me, ASAP! STOP! DON"T DELETE!! LONG MSG. but PLEASE READ IT!! Your ANSWERS could HELP MANY! Need to know which would probably be quickest way to get some cash on RE deals, quickly if not quicker! (***Previous career: Nursing…patient died Jan 23, tired of nursing after 21 years!)
*Let me say, I do have ‘some knowledge’ of RE. Have inactive RE License, practiced only about 6 months before going back to nursing. DO NOT WANT to go back to RE as an agent!

I have many of the RE Courses, Carlton Sheets, Ron LaGrand’s…all 3 courses, Steve Cook’s…Simple Man Guide,
Robert Allen’s, and some others that are much older…even William McCorkell’s…HA! I have already invested several thousands of dollars into courses, training, etc. I even have several ‘good contacts’ in RE plus I know a guy I spoke with about parterning with, he has no RE knowledge but he does have the CASH! He’s in agreement, if I can find and work the deals.

Just overwhelmed with whcih method to ‘start’ with. I have studied all of these in the past, have been doing 'some reviewing past couple of weeks. Should have done this a long time ago, but to be honest…scared, or more so BASHFUL, to get out and attempt to ‘deal with owners’. Need a ‘bolus of nerves’, or an injection of ‘confidence’ but have not found where I can get these dispensed! Ha (But sure have searched!)

PLEASE , someone tell me how you got the nerve and fortitude to do this RE Investing. I love RE, and do so much want to be a success with this. I feel if I could get my first deal quickly and get it closed successfully & quickly…that I would have the confidence to continue. I do know that I have got to do something, quickly. Unfortunately, I have gotten use to eating, having lights, gas, phone, etc; so maybe now, with my back against the wall, I can muster enough courage to do this!

If I only knew which would probably BE BEST TO START WITH! PLEASE ANSWER THIS! ***I am sure there are MANY OTHERS that have these same problems and concerns, maybe their backs aren’t against the wall yet, that would certainly be interested in the many different answers from several of you! So THIS is NOT JUST FOR ME, but for the many that didn’t even have the ‘nerve’ to ask!!! Thanks so very much! Looking forward to a very prosperous ‘new career’ in RE INVESTING! THANKS FOR ALL OF US!!! ‘BJ’

Talk about FEAR… - Posted by JT-IN

Posted by JT-IN on February 09, 2002 at 18:40:57:


If I had to take care of a sick person, really sick, and maybe dying; I would be mortified… It sounds as if, in your 21 years, you have done that many times. So what is fearful to me, is second nature to you; and vice-versa, because RE deals don’t scare me a bit. Fear is a relative emotion. Probably when you began as a “green-horn” nurse, I’ll bet you were scared by many “first-time experiences”, but with repetition, and knowledge, the wall of fear dissapates. RE is no different.

My suggestion is, for you to go out to your local REIAA mtg, or other investor group, link up with a successful investor, who you can relate to. Possibly you could offer some beginner level services to him/her, while they mentor you. Even the thought of watching a successful investor do what it is that is done, most newbies will say “Heck, I could do that”. Investing is not rocket science, just a series of learned responses, and knowledge of how-to located, approach and close good deals.

With the ability of nurturing, which is generally 1st nature to most nurses, you simply need to learn to transfer these similar techniques to investing, and assisting a motivated seller, or buyer, “get well”, and at the same time, you “get well” financially.

Comparatively, you have done far more difficult things in Nursing patients, than you will ever need to do in RE investing. It is just learning how to put it all together, and a pro/mentor should be able to help you connect those dots.

Just the way that I view things…


Learn To Find 'Em - Posted by Bob-Tx

Posted by Bob-Tx on February 08, 2002 at 09:36:34:

I suggest starting your r.e. business by learning to find, contract and wholesale good deals. One of the most critical mistakes investors make is failing to realize that we make money when we buy, not when we sell. Spend you time and energy developing strategies to locate motivated sellers and REAL investors to sell your deals to. These investors will teach you what they buy, where the buy and how they figure what to pay for their rehabs or rentals. Find those guys and ask lots of questions and LISTEN to their answers. Then go out and find deals for them. After 6 months of finding and flipping houses you will have a better idea of what you want to do in the long term and you will have an understanding of how to find the right deals that fit that chosen strategy.
Now go get 'em!!

Some advice to get over fear - Posted by Suzanne

Posted by Suzanne on February 08, 2002 at 24:26:05:

I’m not a guru, but do know about fear. One of the things you need to do to get over fear is to do what you fear. It also helps to have some practice runs.

Many good speakers have not started out by being able to jump on stage and start talking. Many preachers don’t just jump up to the pulpit and start preaching. I know this personally, even professional telemarketers don’t start out being able to talk over the phone fluently trying to talk you into something.

All of these professionals have started out by rehearsing scripts, rehearsing sermons, and practicing scripts. To help you get over your fear, go over all the scripts and Q & A’s in your courses until you have them down pat.

Then ask some close friends to pretend to be home owners wanting to sell their houses. Ask them to go through this with you a few times, and each time offer something different. If you offered a lease/option the first time, then offer to take over the deed the next time.

Ask your friend to ask you as many questions as they can think of while you are doing this. Also ask your friend to take on different attitudes each time. During your first offer they can act as if they may be interested. Then the next time the can act as if they have a negative attitude towards what you are saying.

Many professional speakers started out practicing in front of friends, their classmates in school, and probablly anyone they feel comfortable with sho was willing to listen. I’m sure they rehearsed until they knew their information from front to back. Then they get to the point where they can start talking at any point without much difficulty.

Many preachers start out writing their sermons and practicing them before Sunday service. Some of them get so good and know their stuff so well that all they need is some reference notes during their service. Some don’t even need notes.

Telemarketers, which I use to be one, start out practicing scripts with their co-workers before the employers allow them to get on the phones. Yes, you can tell a new telemarketer from a pro. If they sound like they are reading from a script, they are new. If they sound like they are talking natural, they are pros.

Also, go over the examples in your courses and practice by yourself creating different offers for each example.

Hope this helps some.