L/O or something else? - Posted by Brad (GA)

Posted by BillW. on December 30, 2000 at 19:11:22:

Brad, There’s nothing to win here. Once the commission and bank are paid, there’s nothing left. Only consider this deal IF there’s strong appreciation in your area and the property is in perfect shape. Keep looking elsewhere for a different deal. I see no motivation on the seller’s part here.

L/O or something else? - Posted by Brad (GA)

Posted by Brad (GA) on December 30, 2000 at 18:57:38:

Found a house that has been vacant for well over 6 months. The owners are in Germany. It has been listed with a realtor for about 4 months, with no bites.

The listing price is 114K with realtor fee. The owner pay off to the bank is around 107K, which is FMV. (According to the realtor)

I have offered 100K three times, and each time they countered with the above. I bought Bronchicks L/O course several weeks ago and I’m thinking this could be my first.

This owner paying on a vacant house cannot last forever. How can I acquire this property and make it win/win? Thanks!