L2P.com - Posted by k(FL)

Posted by Jim FL on September 12, 2003 at 17:19:48:

Since that material is not sold here, you are probably better off asking info about it where it is sold.

I will tell you however, there are some great courses here being sold on various topics of investing.
The site owners here review courses, and while I don’t always agree with their opinions, frankly, those times I do, are when they like something and offer it for sale here.
All of them are good, and produce good info, from seasoned authors and investors.

Anyway, good luck in your search for course material.
Just keep in mind, any course that teaches you one little thing that helps make you money, is worth its price…because you can do that one thing over and over.

Good luck and take care,
Jim FL

P.S. Did I mention they have a catalog here with courses, and if you subscribe to the site newsletter, or insiders club as I think they call it, there are discounts offered all the time too.
And no, I have nothing to do with this place at all, just a regular long time poster.

L2P.com - Posted by k(FL)

Posted by k(FL) on September 12, 2003 at 15:35:59:

has anyone heard of this site or ordered the lease purchase handbook offered from the author and owner of the site.

Re: L2P.com - Posted by JM-OH

Posted by JM-OH on September 15, 2003 at 15:17:51:

I bought the course, I think I paid $99. You can find just about everyting that course covers here on CREOnline for free. It’s just too basic, spend a little time searching here and other REI site and you’ll most likely end up with better info.

Just my opinion…