Land Contracts - Posted by Skywalker

Posted by JPiper on January 18, 2001 at 20:23:04:

A land contract is a form of owner finance which gives you equitable title while the seller retains the deed until you have completed the contract.

There are lots of do’s and don’t. I’ve never bought a house with a land contract, but I’ve sold many with a land contract. The first thing that should cross your mind is that anyone selling with a land contract is probably somewhat knowledgeable, perhaps an investor, and that it may be no “deal” at all.

If I were you I’d read the how to articles and archives on this site. You’ll pick up information on land contracts. But BEFORE you buy anything on a land contract, see out legal advice…to cover the many pitfalls that I haven’t covered here.


Land Contracts - Posted by Skywalker

Posted by Skywalker on January 18, 2001 at 16:52:32:

Greetings. I am brand spanking new to real estate investing…you might call me a virgin. I am in search of my first investment home and have noticed that a great deal of the properties in my area that seem like attractive investments, while offering flexible terms, are in the form of Land Contracts. I’ve never dealt w/ a land contract sale. What are the do’s and dont’s?

Thanks! I just stumbled upon this site and it is a wealth of knowledge to a new investor.