Land Flip Questions - Posted by Steve B (MA)

Posted by Steve Bazin (MA) on January 09, 1999 at 19:50:32:

Correction to my original post:

I have NOT been able to get in touch with my investors as of yet.


Land Flip Questions - Posted by Steve B (MA)

Posted by Steve B (MA) on January 09, 1999 at 19:47:32:

As a new investor who has spent the last few weeks educating myself going through most of the excellent posts, articles, and books in this forum (including Ron LeGrand’s Fast Cash book which was great); I am prepared (if not totally confident) to utilize what I have learned.

On Friday, I placed an ad in a local newspaper with my goal being to flip potential properties to prospective investors I have spoken to.

Today, I received 3 messages of motivated sellers; two of them from landowners seeking to sell their land asap. One person mentioned he had a 25 acre parcel with the potential for being used for house lots.

Has anyone had experience and success in flipping land? If so, when I speak to the prospects, are my questions to ask so that I see if this is a potential good deal similar to the questions I would ask in talking to a homeowner?

Any advice who be greatly appreciated; I have been able to get in contact with any of my investors as of yet, and I wanted to be able to get some worthwhile comments asap.

Thank you in advance!

Steve Bazin (MA)