land/home loan with fair credit? - Posted by Debra-SC

Posted by Tony-VA on July 08, 2002 at 20:34:52:

You will not have a problem finding a lender for a double wide, owner occupied on land. Single wides can be tough but not double wides.

Simply go to your bank and start asking them. Many local lenders will do everything in house. If that doesn’t work then go to the phone book and get some names of Mortgage Brokers and start dialing for dollars. The broker may cost you a point but if you can’t find get funding from a local bank or your bank then go with the Broker. Chances are if you start asking around, you won’t have a problem finding a loan.

Since you will be going with Lender financing they will require title insurance but for future deals when you start talking to an owner who has major medical bills, chances are that real estate is attached. You will want to make certain he can get clear title at that price.

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land/home loan with fair credit? - Posted by Debra-SC

Posted by Debra-SC on July 08, 2002 at 19:54:26:

I have been looking for some property to live on (I live in a 16x80). I finally found 3 ac with a double-wide for $60,000 (really good in this area). the husband is selling because his wife had cancer and is now in remission and he wants to pay their massive medical bills. Hence, no lease/option, land contract, etc.

Does anyone know of a company making land/home loans for someone with fair credit? I have no repos or bankruptsies, but have slow and late pays (some over 90 days).

Thanks in advance