Land Trust - Posted by Kyle

Posted by Don (VA) on September 14, 2005 at 22:53:46:

In a land trust, the legal and equitable title pass from the “seller” (in quotes because the owner hasn’t sold the property…at least not yet) to the trustee. Therefore, if the seller needs to refinance, it must be done before transferring the property to a trust. Or bring it out of the trust, back into the seller’s name, refinance, and put it back in. But it can’t be refinanced while in the trust. (There are some ways around this, I suppose. The seller, who has an interest in the trust, could pledge part or all of his interest in the trust for a loan…but this wouldn’t be a refinance. The existing mortgage would remain on the property.)

Land Trust - Posted by Kyle

Posted by Kyle on September 14, 2005 at 22:05:13:

When buying “subject to” through a land trust does the seller have the ability to get new financing for a purchase and how is the old debt viewed?

Re: Land Trust - Posted by John

Posted by John on September 15, 2005 at 04:58:31:

If I understand you correctly. Your question is if you buy sub2, can seller go buy another property with this loan showing on his credit report?
The answer is yes but he will have to show the new lender the HUD-1 closing statement showing the sale.