landlord/tenent - Posted by Tony

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on January 29, 2002 at 16:20:15:

He gave you notice, you were not required to give him any notice once that was done. Many states impose 2x or 3x damages for landlords withholding deposits and give them a certain time to return them (30 days in Ohio). Remind him of this and go to small claims court if he reneges.

John Hyre

landlord/tenent - Posted by Tony

Posted by Tony on January 29, 2002 at 10:45:13:

I live in Maine and I had a verbal agreement with my landlord that I would give 30 days notice if I intended to move out and he would give me 30 days notice if he wanted me to move out. He gave me my 30 days notice on January 26, 2002. I was fully moved out as of January 28, 2002 and let him know that I was gone and wanted to know when I would be getting my security deposit - the apartment is clean and not damaged in any way. He has told me that I will not be getting my deposit back because I did not give him 30 days notice. He said “I gave you 30 days notice as agreed orally but you didn’t give me my 30 days notice, so you will not get your deposit back.” This doesn’t seem legal to me, and I suspect that he is just irritated that I didn’t stay through February and he isn’t going to collect one more month’s rent from me which would have been due February 1st. What should I do?