Lease/option terms - Posted by David Hasselberg

Posted by JohnBoy on February 17, 2002 at 03:03:52:

You say your payment is $1340 which isn’t competitive with the rental market. What IS the rents going for on a home like this?

What is your home worth? How do you know?

Also, based on your post I would recommend getting a good L/O course before you do anything. Based on how you have stated things in your post it sounds like you only know enough to be dangerous when it comes to doing L/O’s.

For $400 you can get a good course that would provide you with proper forms and go into detail on how to properly structure a L/O. Paying only $400 now would be a whole lot cheaper than having to pay out thousands later should you do something wrong!

Check out Bronchick’s L/O course at:

Lease/option terms - Posted by David Hasselberg

Posted by David Hasselberg on February 16, 2002 at 22:51:24:

I have a home that I’AM CONSIDERING DOING A LEASE/OPTION. I need $1340.00 to cover my payment which is not competetive with the rental market . I’am asking $185,000 with $5,000 down and apply $200.00 a month toward’s a down ? Sound alright ? How much should I ask for the home above the market on a lease /option. Thanks Dave