Lease/Purchase- Seller says Insurance Co. can't..... - Posted by Paul

Posted by Scott (AK) on April 09, 2000 at 12:41:50:


Usually from the start, we don’t tell the Insurance company that we are the Tenant/Buyers. They don’t need to know thjat and we take the approach as if we are “managing” the property. Then it’s quite easy to be added because it’s in the normal realm of things.

What you can try now is…have the owner switch the policy to a “landlords” policy with the owner being named as the primary insured. Then you just get a Power of Attorney from the owner to be able to settle any claims that may be needed on that property.

You need to get a "renters’ policy because under this situation the structure is covered but your contents is not. Those are not very expensive.

What I would also do, is have the owner call and switch the address to where the policy info gets mailed to an address that yo can get it at. A PO Box in the area works well.

Hope this helps,

Lease/Purchase- Seller says Insurance Co. can’t… - Posted by Paul

Posted by Paul on April 09, 2000 at 11:28:07:

I encountered a seller that recently told me his insurance agent advised him he can’t add me to the policy legaly.The seller is shown as Landlord/Seller and I am shown as Tenant/Buyer.
This is a property I L/P’d for personal residence, and wanted to be protected . Is there a standard proceedure that the Ins. agent needs to be aware of, or am I missing something? How is this normaly negotiated?
Thanks, Paul.