Leasing Space

Hey guys! I am the creative director for Eastgate Town Center in Chattanooga, TN. We are currently trying to fill spaces, with business offices, or retail business. Are there any marketing tips, or advice anyone can offer on filling these spaces? I.E. contacts and/or leads for franchises, or contacts and/or leads for businesses that are looking for sites to expand to and/or move to. Our property is a high traffic area, and home to several businesses including but not limited to 3 state agencies, multiple college satellite campuses (Chattanooga State Tech, ITT Tech, etc), Office Depot, Tuesday Morning, GNC etc. Any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Have a blessed day!

6 tips on searching for space
Here are six key points for small businesses to keep in mind when searching for space to rent:
Smaller is better
Get the duration you want
Ask for concessions
Don’t expect slack on your security deposit
Learn your market
Investigate your landlord

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