Left to Die........ - Posted by J Knight.

Posted by RS on March 31, 1999 at 01:23:51:

The Ron Legrand course “Fast Cash With Quick Turn Real Estate” contains a video called something like “How to make 3K in 30 days”. It takes 10 hrs or so to finish the course. If you immediately begin implementing what you’ve learned, you should be able to blow 3K out of the water. Why not 10K? I expect to make 20K in my first 60 days, and I’m on track (and I’m going at a snail’s pace). Good books have been reccomended. But I might ad the new classic “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (amazon.com) to the list. This book will help you to achieve a “Rich person’s” mind set. You can do it!

Left to Die… - Posted by J Knight.

Posted by J Knight. on March 30, 1999 at 18:46:58:

Fired from my job, and near homeless. After taking yrs of lip from my boss. He gave me the pink slip.

I packed up the yrs of memoribilia, and moved back to my apartment. Desparate for cash flow, and hardly anything in the fridge, I made up my mind to become the God of RE investing. After calling all my RE friends, and leads, I lucked up on this site.

(takes a swig of beer)Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

Now I’m wondering if it’s possible for me, (Joe 6 Pack) to even consider becoming successful in RE.

I’ve read some How to articles, and for some quick cash: I’ve decided to flip houses, or do rentals and get cash flow.

Can anyone out there suggest a book/course/author that would help me get started?? I’ve heard good things about LeGrand, Scruggs (mobile homes) and Kaiser (for Foreclosures)

Is it crazy to assume that I can make thousands after only 2 weeks of studying up on these courses???

Where to start, (sigh) where to start…

Your help would be forever grateful…to this man in need.

J Knight.

Re: Left to Die… - Posted by Sndy FL

Posted by Sndy FL on March 31, 1999 at 17:17:31:

Hey J… come to the chat room after 9pm est.
Read and listen and soak it up. We will encourage you and reinforce in your mind that anyone can so this. We will jump on you if you try to buy something retail. Try it, you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Sandy FL