Legacy 1, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri - Posted by Rick Gutierrez

Posted by rehabber on February 03, 2005 at 20:21:49:

They CHARGE YOU to work for them???
Ridiculous!! I thought indentured servitude
was illegal.

I don’t want to be crass here -
but puuuleeease…do not pay someone to work for
them (unless it is franchise fee for a sure fire ultra-proven business- like McDonalds, etc).
Legacy 1 doesn’t sound as sure a thing as McDoanlds by
any stretch.

If this were the ONLY way to be a ‘bird-dog’ and find
deals, then MAYBE it would be worth considering, but
there are way too many investors out there that would
be glad to have a bird-dog like you/anyone to help them
find deals and 99.999% of investors won’t charge you
to work for them. There are plenty of deals out there
that you can find where you can keep $1-2k for yourself
as a flip fee and the end investor can still make his
$15-20k. Granted, $1-2k isn’t the $5k that Legacy 1
is promising, but there is no upfront fee, zero risk
with the normal bird-dog approach - you have zero
out of pocket and you get your fee.

Legacy 1, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri - Posted by Rick Gutierrez

Posted by Rick Gutierrez on February 03, 2005 at 19:49:42:

Does anyone know if Legacy I, Inc really buys properties nationwide for cash. I went to an overview and they said that they are looking for associate to help them find deals in 16 states. They are cash buyers and want you to find deals that they can purchase for 75% of FMV and that they can make a minimum of $15K on.

They charge $2,500 for you to be one of their “finders” and you will receive $5K per deal that you submit and they purchase and resell.

They charge $8,000 for you to be a “mentor” with their company. As a “mentor” you will receive at least $10K on the first deal you submit and then 50/50 profit split thereafter.

Any thoughts or comments on this company would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Gutierrez

Re: Legacy 1, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri - Posted by Lisa Rodgers

Posted by Lisa Rodgers on October 07, 2005 at 08:53:18:

Rick, did you ever find out about this company? I have recently talked briefly with them and am awaiting a follow-up call. Please let me know if this is a scam? Thanks, Lisa

Re: Legacy 1, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri - Posted by Scott Houston

Posted by Scott Houston on February 04, 2005 at 17:41:33:

I think this may be the same company as Wealthbuilders run by Larry Holder. I went to their weekend program and found the material to be less that worth the money. More material could be found in a $15 book from Barnes & Noble. I did not think it was worthwhile and kick myself for spending the money. Ask to preview the material first and if it has not changed, you will see what I mean. I have talked with another person who did attempt to do some deals with them to no avail.

A much easier and cheaper route would be finding a “mentor” or investor and just bird dog for them. Lots cheaper and probably just as profitable.