LeGrand, Bronchick, Kaiser ??, which is the best? - Posted by Jody

Posted by Utah Investor on February 04, 2002 at 09:07:49:

May I ask, What kind of deals are you trying to do? Foreclosures? Apartments? Any deal that’s creative?

Have you been to the library to look at all the books there?

Have you been to Barnes & Noble to scan through all those books to see which to buy (or read there)?

Do you want a course, simply for a Lease/option form and a few sentences on how to ask the owner to do a lease option?

I can’t beat those guys up. I have all of their courses. I love Kaiser for his Foreclosure Domination Course. Bronchick is Great as well. Legrand gives the least as far as real “meat” in his course & does a lot of boot camps.

If you’ve done some deals, why not get a Mentor to do one-on-one with you? That will take you to the next level. You’ll have so many questions, get some great advice. Any one concept could be worth many thousands of dollars to you. Just some thoughts.

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LeGrand, Bronchick, Kaiser ??, which is the best? - Posted by Jody

Posted by Jody on February 03, 2002 at 13:37:20:

I’m interested in purchasing a lease option course. I have purchased several properties “Owner Finance”, and I’ve done some rehabs, etc. I’ve even done a table funding deal… (sweat many bullets) but I’d like to purchase a course on Lease option and would like some people who have some experience with these courses to tell me the pros & cons.

Intensive Training Video Library
The Protege Program
Street Smart Lease Options
Lease/Option Cash Flow System
Lease Options Workshop
Ultimate Lease Option Strategy

any advice would be very helpful