LeGrand question.... - Posted by Mike - PA

Posted by Bob Taylor on October 27, 2000 at 19:59:36:


All of Legrands students are allowed to use that name, or, for that matter, anybody can, it is not copyrighted. The fellow you are talking about, is more than likely, a Legrand student. If you are not one, you should be, if you want huge success in the R E I business. I am, and, his methods have helped me make a lot of money.

Look at his website, www.success-di.com, you’ll be glad you did.

Good luck, and, good buying/selling,

Bob Taylor…Alabama

LeGrand question… - Posted by Mike - PA

Posted by Mike - PA on October 24, 2000 at 09:15:21:

Is “Results Homebuyers” associated with Ron LeGrand? I saw that Ron uses that company name in an example of how to use postcards in the “Lease/Option” course and it also was used by one of his students in Seatlle for a radio ad as shown in the course. My question stems from the fact that there is a guy in my area (Pennsylvania) who uses the same “Results Homebuyers” company name for his company. What are the legal requirements on using this name if it is LeGrand property, or did the guy in my area just use what was not technically owned by anyone, but was the idea of LeGrand? Thanks…

Mike - PA