LeGrand vs Kaiser vs Britton vs Diamond vs Bronchick who is the best of the best??? - Posted by Bob

Posted by Dan Swaney on August 08, 2000 at 22:08:43:

On LeGrand,

You get what you pay for! His live class is not cheap but the information has changed my life.

If you want to build a real estate empire Ron Legrand is the guy you want to listen to.


LeGrand vs Kaiser vs Britton vs Diamond vs Bronchick who is the best of the best??? - Posted by Bob

Posted by Bob on April 07, 2000 at 22:18:39:

I am interested in learning the leas/lease option business
I know that there are lots and lots of guru’s out there who will offer to teach L/O’s…
Kaiser’s program is $169 LeGrand is $499
Britton’s is $399 Diamond’s is $499 etc etc

Re: LeGrand vs Kaiser vs Britton vs Diamond vs Bronchick who is the best of the best??? - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on April 10, 2000 at 17:16:59:

My opinion is that if you have absolutely NO real estate knowledge, you need to start with a basic foundation before you jump into lease-options. I’ve held a real estate license and have years of real estate background, and it was still quite a learning curve. Learn the basics first, just my opinion.

Here’s my lineup> - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on April 08, 2000 at 08:42:29:

(1st) Bronchick - More in-depth and more accurate to structure the complete deal. He covers the legal aspects more than anyone else to protect you and your investment. He uses layman terms to easily put Lease/Options into an understandable format. I love Bronchick.

(2nd) Legrand - Legand always comes through with a good course. However, he bypasses some of the legal aspect that Bronchick covers very well. Legand gives you the information you need to hold the proper posture in front of the seller.

(3rd) Kaiser - Kaiser is a specialty man. He’s the MAN with the detailed techniques. The ONLY reason he is 3rd in my list is that you MUST know the in’s and out’s of lease/options BEFORE you buy his course. The is an ADVANCED course for ALL lease/option investors.

Britton - Britton offer good information, but it’s way too basic and for the money it’s too expensive.

Diamond - Diamond course is VERY weak. I not sure this guy has even completed a successful lease/option by the information he provides in his course. His courses reads like a very basic lease/option course. If he actually has done some deals I would suspect the course would have been more detailed. With most courses, the experts that have a lot of experience really tie up the loose ends for you with their pratical application of the techniques. Diamond fails that test big time.

Buy the first three and skip the last two.


Re: Here’s my lineup> - Posted by Soraya

Posted by Soraya on April 27, 2000 at 22:49:50:

I agree with Bronchick and Kaiser. Have had no experience with Le Grand. (Am looking for Le Grand’s Lease Option Course on eBay)
Disagree with your assessment of Diamond. His one on one Mentoring program was good.

Re: Here’s my lineup> - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on April 25, 2000 at 13:26:30:

Dear friend,
If you want some really great bottom line info.,
look into reading Robert Allen. He covers just
about everything you need to know. Especially the
subject of FEAR!!! It sure helped me get out there!
Sincerely, Scott