LeGrands "3 Mods" - Posted by Allie Vog

Posted by Mary Ann on April 25, 2000 at 07:00:31:

Allie, LeGrands “3Mods” were the first materials my husband and I purchased. I believe the material was truly helpful. We didn’t really know about investing/rehabing. Courses come in audio form and written form in binders. I don’t know about the computer stuff. I think you made a good choice. I don’t know about when you will receive them. We bought them while attending one of his seminar. Do you belong to your local rei association? Good info there, too.

LeGrands “3 Mods” - Posted by Allie Vog

Posted by Allie Vog on April 24, 2000 at 11:03:55:

Do these courses come in a binder (like sheets) or are they paperback booklets?

Will the floppy discs work in a Mac Intosh or do you need a PC (IBM)

Did I invest my money on a good course?

How long before I can expect to receive my courses? (It has been 11 days now)