LeGrand's Bootcamp- Opinions - Posted by MC (CA)

Posted by Jimmy George on April 06, 1999 at 01:09:49:

Most of the Boot Camp Training programs are great for those with some practical experience that want to polish it up a little. They should be to advanced for someone that hasn’t done a few deals already. Expect to make at least 50 offers to get your first deal if you don’t know much about selling & negotiating.

Jimmy G.

LeGrand’s Bootcamp- Opinions - Posted by MC (CA)

Posted by MC (CA) on April 05, 1999 at 21:52:07:

I almost have my spouse talked into investing in LeGrand’s boot camp and I thought that it might help to find out from other people who have attended what their thoughts were on the content and the value.

He mentioned that it might be more worthwhile to use the money to hire a “mentor” locally that was working the business and pay them to learn the ropes firsthand.

I attended the Arlington seminar and bought the LeGrand tapes. My husband has been listening, but is still pretty confused. We’ve put together a couple of offers, but are still floundering.
Any inputs positive or negative would be greatly appreciated!