License - Posted by Stephen in TX

Posted by Jim (Tex) on April 16, 2007 at 16:35:26:

The fines are significant if caught. Just go to the class and keep your mouth shut. The class is VERY good and will keep you out of trouble in the future. Deals done prior to licensure are voidable - in other words - your buyer can walk away with no recourse, so you want to be licensed.

I think you will like the class and will benefit from it.

License - Posted by Stephen in TX

Posted by Stephen in TX on April 14, 2007 at 15:40:12:

I understand in Texas you need a license if you sell more than one house a year. There is a class in Austin and we’re scheduled to attend in May. It is a prerequisite to getting your license. I just got started doing this and have done 6 Lonnie deals. And will complete at least 2 more before the class is offered.

It just doesn’t make sense not to do these deals and wait until the class. My question is am I in any real jeapordy here? What are the fines if any?