Licensing laws for (insert your state here) - Posted by Bud_NM

Posted by Greg Meade on October 23, 2003 at 05:58:56:


Licensing laws for (insert your state here) - Posted by Bud_NM

Posted by Bud_NM on October 22, 2003 at 22:16:17:

Licensing laws for (insert your state here):

All states have the same laws designed to restrict, control, and tax your every move. Each state takes the same idea and puts it into it’s own cute words designed to mislead you into believing that you are required to do, and pay, whatever.

When you go and read these laws, go first to the definitions. If a word is defined in the law then it’s that definition that applies, and not the ordinary definition that you normally would use. It’s all part of the misdirection designed to keep you in line and paying for licenses you don’t need.

For example: “Person.” Any individual, corporation, partnership, association or other entity foreign or domestic. (this is from the post on PA law). So you read that and what do you think a ‘person’ is now? Check the rest of the law and find the definition of “individual”. Likely you won’t find that definition, so what do you make of that? What you’re supposed to assume is that you are an individual.

Dig out your legal dictionary and look up ‘individual’, and you find that an individual is one of a group or class. It can mean a natural person (living, walking, breathing folks) “but it is said that this restrictive signification is not necessarily inherent in the word”. Notice that the rest of the definition of Person is corporations and such. If they intended to legally make the natural person subject to the law, don’t you think they had enough room to spell that out? “Person means natural persons and artificial persons such as corporations…etc.”

It is you that makes yourself an individual subject to the law. Tricky isn’t it?

Other states, such as New Mexico, do include the natural person in the law. What you are not supposed to realize in that case, is that such a law is in direct violation of the Constitution. It taxes and regulates an inalienable right, and states can’t do that legally.

The bottom line reality here takes three directions. Do as Dr. Whisler suggests and get on with your life and business and ignore the whole mess. I think that is very practical advice and is the course I choose for myself. Another direction you can take is to challenge the system head on and fight for what’s right. Prepare yourself for a very expensive losing battle. The third direction is to kneel down and lick their boots, ask for permission to buy and sell, and pay whatever your master demands.

Bud Riggs, Phd (post hole digger) New Mexico

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Well said…Cheers!