Just starting to learn and still waiting for my book to arrive! Licensing in Idaho is required for a retailer or a broker. If I own the mobile home and then sell it on a note is that retailing or brokering? Also, there is a law review article that indicated if I seller-finance more than 3 deals in a 12 month period I have to comply with RESPA and the Consumer Protection Act. Anyone have experience with this or information?



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I do not know the ID laws and really can not answer your questions.

It should be noted that you would not be brokering if you are selling your property. To broker would mean you match a buyer and seller with the expectation of being paid for the service. Selling your own property could not be brokering.

Now, just because the word ‘brokering’ does not apply, one should not assume that there are no laws that do impact what you are planning.

Law Review article?

Shelley please tell us what Law Review, and v, p and date of it.

Safe act

I would also like to know more about the Tennessee Safe
Act. I think I understand one way around it is to do inter vivos land trust. Can anyone shed any hard evidence on this two subjects. I have been doing a lot of research, but with so may different answers. It is hard to make heads or tales of what is right or wrong. I also want to make sure I get started on the right foot. Because my books are on the way also.