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Posted by D on September 05, 2002 at 01:43:19:

That IS exactly what I`m talking about, not having to work another day or do another deal and still have enough money coming in.

Cowardly? Please… I callem like I see them. This board in my opinion is for people who want to do creative real estate deals, CREATIVE. It is my thinking if I see a post that I can relate to and maybe shed some light on something for someone Ill respond. I always try and be positive. Im not going write up a long post to spew out advise like taking 18 months to get to know your market,18 months? Or look at 100 houses. What kind of houses by the way? 100 disress sales? you bet. 100 houses to "get to know your environment"? No. Read the paper and get a realtor to print up some homes for sale. You can have all the info in the world but none of it matters until you find a motivated seller and can get an offer accepted. If you are involved with real estate you never stop learning about it, you cant help it, but if you cant act on that knowledge youll wind up just writing posts about it, apparantly like some folks here.

What about the guy who works his @ss off for his family. He wants nice things for his kids, maybe a new car for his wife. He knows somehow he can make money with real estate and has bought a course and looked around his neighborhood, he hasnt had too much luck and everyone he talks to has a different opinion as to what to do to make money. Hes undecided. Then he finds a site about real estate but reads a “beginers success” post that tells him its going to take 10-15 to "become successful" however you want to interpret that, and he says "scr*w it" He wont know the guy who wrote it has a nine to five just like him but says he`s “been in real estate” 20 years. That is a diservice.

Of all that I can deduct from Mr. Starrs “beginers success” post, I can tell you one thing for an absolute fact; Mr Starr has never done a truly creative deal. He has not answered the phone once, drove by and looked at a place twice and bought it, hired three high school kids to pick up garbarge and signed his name to sell it and had a gal with nice cans at the title company hand him a check for $50k. It hasnt happened to him. Im absolutly certain. If it had we would all be seeing Mr. Starr posting messages that would be a little different. Imagine if Mr. Starr wound up doing a deal a month. Talk about your psychic rewards!

Im not "attacking" Mr. Starr. I am however attacking the notion that you cant be “successful” in a relatively short amount of time. I am not a “hot shot millionaire” Mr. Starrs post does not add up to me. It goes against the grain of a path to financial freedom that shouldn`t take long to do if you apply the same way you learned everything else in your life; one step at a time. The money is there.

With all respect to you, I`ll call myself any da&mn thing I want! (except late for dinner) more of my 2 cents D

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Posted by D on September 07, 2002 at 13:04:17:

Hi John, for some reason I thought you sent regular e-mail.

I suppose Ill not respond if I see the post again. Youre right everyone has their own opinion. I made mine from the perspective of someone on a real estate board about creative real estate ideas. Good luck to you. D

where do you get your facts from? - Posted by michaela-ATL

Posted by michaela-ATL on September 05, 2002 at 07:03:45:

are you lurking in mr. starr’s back yard?maybe have a camera in his living room and a bug in his car? how can you sit there and write, that you know things for a fact? and how can you sit there and write, that you’re not attacking mr. starr? YOU ARE!!! if you so obviously don’t know what an attack is, then i feel sorry for the people around you. one of the rules on this board is not to attack others, yet, you do it repeatedly and with the same person. luckily, a lot of people see through you and your b.s.

Please check out my beginers success post - Posted by D

Posted by D on September 05, 2002 at 11:17:09:

Please tell me if you agree or don`t agree as an invester.

Sorry if you get a little rattled about how I feel about things. Ive just seen it all before, the doers dont talk and the talkers don`t do. D

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Posted by michael j.franklin on October 02, 2003 at 20:06:32:

I want to know more about realestate. why?
because, I represent. The disabled lower income
buyer or would be buyers. Im 34yrs in wheelchair
I worked for the disabled community in the referral
status medically as a secretary coordinator.
I have anatural ability and concern for where I at 50yrs old have found myself Iam available and interested in realestate . I frankly need some feed back .On this market which I’m sure is a nessasary

I have to agree… - Posted by DavidM

Posted by DavidM on September 06, 2002 at 16:24:19:

Some people are getting very defensive here in response to D’s post, but I think he(she’s) on to something here. There seems to be ALOT of people who are giving “feelgood” advice, but very few talk about what they are actually DOING!