Locating abandon owner - Posted by Leesa(CA)


Posted by RS on March 08, 1999 at 01:01:07:

Try peoplefinder.com, or lostfamily.com. These are basically virtual skip searchers that charge about $30 a pop.That’s a bit of dough but as Legrand also says, how many times will you pay for it if you make the deal?!
Good Luck!


Locating abandon owner - Posted by Leesa(CA)

Posted by Leesa(CA) on March 07, 1999 at 22:53:25:

Today while I was out cruizing the residential communities, I located a totally abandon property. I mean a shack.
I was able to locate the owners through Knowx.com tax record search. I have their names,
but I am unable to locate a phone number. I was able to find a number for a neighbor across the street from them.
My question is should I

  1. Call the neighbor and ask them to have the owner call me?
  2. Send a letter (which Ron Legrand does not recommed)
  3. Continue to try and find a number for them.

I have tried all the 411, etc… searches.

All suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, in advance