Lonnie and Ernest..Thanks For The Great Books - Posted by Chuck Sayre

Posted by Ernest Tew on December 06, 2000 at 15:13:31:

Thanks for the compliments. If you find another park and need some help, please give me a call. Don’t overlook the larger parks. It is often more efficient to acquire a larger park, even if you have to take on a partner.

Lonnie and Ernest…Thanks For The Great Books - Posted by Chuck Sayre

Posted by Chuck Sayre on December 03, 2000 at 21:10:48:

I just discovered this forum and wanted to take a minute to THANK Lonnie and Ernest for their excellent books and courses which are a part of my investment library. I’ve been focusing on single family homes due to the lack of mobile homes or parks in this area. I plan to increase my search for opportunities this coming year. Maybe the opportunities are there and I’m not focusing enough attention to this area. I would love to find a “rundown” park for sale. I missed a nice smaller(20 spaces) park last year simply because I wasn’t looking. This park was netting appr.$20000.oo a year before mortgage payments and sold for $120,000. Was newer and well kept with 11 additional acres available for expansion. I won’t let that happen again. Thanks Again !