Lonnie - it's going to be great!!!! - Posted by Ron_KS

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on March 02, 2002 at 19:45:05:

This subject has been on my mind of late also… just didn’t get around to it in a timely manner.

It should be very apparent that you’ve had a profound effect on the lives of a great many people Lonnie… mine included.

About 6/7 years ago, I was a 40+ hour a week wage slave… actually it probably averaged closer to 52. I do remember in particular, one month in my last year of clock-punching where I put in two 80-hour weeks back to back.

Walking zombie indeed.

“What’s wrong with our schools?” had a profound effect on me… not that I was foolish enough to get so low that I had to live with friends, but because I was trapped in a mountain of “liabilities”, that I thought were assets.

So I formulated a plan, put it into action… and a few short years later, now own 2 mobile home parks and am in the process of buying my third.

Along the way, I learned enough about the note business to start my own commercial/business note brokerage.

I have 7/8 note deals on my desk at the moment, which include a warehouse mortgage of $800,000 - a hotel mortgage of $19MM - and a office building mortgage of $64MM.

To top it all off, I arranged to factor the invoices and sell the dealer carry-back notes for a 5,000 unit pre-fab housing project this week.

(Lesson to the still learning - at least part of the profits from my note brokerage, have been used to pay off my assets… along with building my retirement fund).

Life is good Lonnie, and I’m passing the wisdom on.


Lonnie - it’s going to be great!!! - Posted by Ron_KS

Posted by Ron_KS on March 02, 2002 at 19:01:05:


Just a quick note to bother you once again - love that part, interupts your golf game.

You may or maynot remember, I accidently ran across this site, got excited, bought a couple of MH’s, turned a couple of good profit’s, always looking for more and in two (2) weeks, Thank’s to YOU and the many other’s on this board, I will be doing it full time.

I just got out of the hospital last Thursday, turning in my retirement paper’s Monday the 4th, am 62, have emphysema and am going to have (better have) at least 100 of these things under my belt before I wake up underground. My wife is “sort of” looking forward to it - that is all I talk about, but she love’s the first of the month when the few checks I have arrive in the mail. Seems she wants to see a few more.

Anyway, having never met you but wanting to someday, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you and the other’s have given me and som many others that are “members” of CREOnline. We can never repay you. May God always watch over you and your family,

Thank you,