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Posted by allen on March 06, 2000 at 13:34:54:

make sure that you follow the requirements set out by the Dept of Insurance. they are the actual licensing authority of MH dealeers, and their requirements are quite precise as to what you can and cannot do.


lonnie newby in NC - Posted by loran-nc

Posted by loran-nc on March 04, 2000 at 17:03:05:

I recently purchased Lonnie’s books on moblie homes. I’m fired up & have found 3 potential properties in less than a week. I would like to know if
NC requires a dealer’s license when you are involved in Lonnie type deals. I have a NC real estate brokers license & I believe that would exempt me from needing a license. I also would like an opinion or two regarding pros/cons for S-corp,C-corp,&/or LLC, in so far as a Lonnie Type business is concerned. I have been visiting this sight for about 3 weeks & am amazed at all the wisdom that is so freely shared . The tesimonials & advice are very encouraging.

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Posted by MilNC on March 05, 2000 at 15:23:10:

I am in NC, too.
I have this printed from 9/98, so you may want an update,
but try this:


Now,I am typing from a copy, so that last part could
be also html that was cut off on the page I printed
and I am assuming it is vol as in volume, 12.

Let me know if this works, otherwise I can fax you
my copy.
Basically, they allow 5 deals per year without a license (some states allow one, others allow 12.
This information is not on the referenced information
sheet. This is a start, though.

Here, it has
more to do with being a car dealer than a RE agent
unless the land is being sold with the home, and other
details, described in the one-page information sheet.

Where are you? Only 3 REIA meetings in the state-Cary,
Charlotte and Asheville, I’m not near any, but closer
to Charlotte.

New, too, and have some questions because there are so
many MH manufacturers here, repos, repos with financing
from the original company.

Hope this helps. Email me.