Lonnie or Jackie, Please advise...RE: MHs... - Posted by Stephanie

Posted by David Alexander on January 11, 1999 at 23:26:04:


Tried to email you, but your email isn’t correct.

David Alexander

Lonnie or Jackie, Please advise…RE: MHs… - Posted by Stephanie

Posted by Stephanie on January 11, 1999 at 20:17:54:

Have followed as much as I can possibly find of both of your
much covetted advise but still need assistance.
I live in what I feel very sure has got to be the Mobile Home Capital of the world…

I have come up with a marketing idea that will pull in MH leads and create buyers… My problem is the first step, after I have found my seller and my buyer I am too naive to know how to execute the transaction. I am interested to know where the best source for an assignment contract would be…

I am obviously a newbie, however I believe the potential in my area is outstanding, I need a walk thru for the first time… Have a MH in a nice SR Park that I can get in with no money down and 195.00 a month or 8,000. That is what he is asking to cash out. It won’t happen though, it is too old but nice condition, I could offer 5500 and he’d take it, he had a squabble with the owner of the park steeling his tenant… Need I say more? He wants out, and doesn’t want to keep paying the space rent. I checked with the owner of the park to see if the space rent was up to date and he said yes. Space rent is 225.00 a month and the home doesn’t need to be moved. Help? Anyone? Thanks. Stephanie

Re: Lonnie or Jackie, Please advise…RE: MHs… - Posted by John (KS)

Posted by John (KS) on January 12, 1999 at 08:38:41:

Do you have Lonnie’s Books, if not, at least order Deals on Wheels, it will give you enough to get going.

If you feel you are in the Mobile Home Capital, you should be able to find plenty of “Lonnie Deals”. A “Lonnie Deal” typically does not cost more than a few thousand $$'s. I personally have done (5) and paid $2600 for the most expensive one and $450 for the cheapest. Good Luck.