Lookin for first deal. - Posted by Brett (WI)

Posted by Brett (WI) on April 23, 2002 at 21:06:43:

Well I received my DOW book on Friday, finished it on Sunday, and am going through it a second time now with my highlighter. I am excited about this opportunity and loading my guns to go into battle.
I have been driving through the parks looking for that first deal and found a home tonight in a nice park with a Conseco sign in the window. So with Lonnie’s advise I stopped and talked with the neighbor for some information. She told me it had been vacant for 3 months and the people who had lived there wrecked the trailer.(Holes in the walls and garbage everywhere) She thought it is a 95 and said that someone had done quite a bit of cleanup on the outside because garbage was laying everywhere and is now gone.
My question is, Do I pursue this with the lady from Conseco who I have not met with yet by the way. :slight_smile: Or might this be too big a project for my first Lonnie deal. I see a possible opportunity here to get a very cheap new fixer upper. I do consider myself a bit of a handyman and don’t mind the work if it is something I can handle.
I have about 18 phone numbers from 3 different parks that I have been waiting to call on until I read the mh bible. Should I just make my calls and look for a home I can sell as is as Lonnie prefers.
As usual any help is greatly appreciated. Also if someone doing these deals in Wisconsin wouldn’t mind taking a newbie under his/her wing for some guidance I would be forever in their debt. :slight_smile:
thanks and good investing,