Looking for a good attorney NYC - Posted by Ron

Posted by Elizabeth (NJ) on August 10, 2003 at 15:12:44:

You don’t need an attorney to do this. You can do it yourself.

There are credit repair companies, but most of them are scams run by people who figured out a way to tap into the pocketbooks of the most gullible of us.

Call up the company that’s servicing the gov’t student loan and see if they’ll refinance it for you. Document your phone call in a letter to the same company that briefly states the content of your phone call and what you’re asking for. (Always keep written records - paper trail is very important.)

A refinance will wipe out any arrears and may give you a better interest rate.

Next, write a letter to TransUnion, Equifax and Experien (after you get the refinance), and instruct them to remove any negatives that appear with this debt on your report, & advise them the debt is current). (Obviously, you have to pull your credit report before hand.)

As I state in my postings, I’m a paralegal specializing in debtor-creditor law, not an attorney, so nothing I say can be construed as legal advice which I am not licensed to give.

Just remember my motto which I pass on to all of my clients:

Be the leader of your own team – Otherwise someone else will be.

You can do this yourself. Save your money.

Looking for a good attorney NYC - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on August 08, 2003 at 04:53:10:

Can anyone reccomend an attorney in NYC that might be able to help me fix my credit? I am just getting started on my first short sale, and my credit (one $6000 student loan) is causing problems. It’s not a big case, but it needs a really good attorney to arrange for me to pay this off and fix it the right way.

Any help would really be appreciated.